Jasper’s Seatac Coffee

We are a family owned and operated small SeaTac coffee house that is passionate about espresso and the art of preparing you fabulous coffee. Come for the Sea-tac coffee, stay for the atmosphere!

Our Seatac Coffee Shop

Jasper’s Coffee has been a local drive-thru SeaTac coffee house serving the community and travelers since 1992. Our owner is a world certified judge who has judged in a number of national and international barista coffee competitions. Jasper’s Seatac Coffee shop employs competition trained baristas and certified USBC coffee championship judges. At Jasper’s Coffee, making excellent coffee is the heart and soul of our business, which we have made our top priority in Seatac for over twenty years. Come by and taste the difference!

Sea-Tac Airport

Coffee House

2 Locations

Location 1 – Closest to the Seatac Airport

You can’t get much closer to the SeaTac airport than this! This location is right on International Blvd. South (Pacific Highway South), not even a mile north of the Seatac airport, located right next to the Motel 6, and just south of rental car services and airport parking. This location sports a drive-thru and walk-up window, allowing us to accommodation all customers. Stop by Jasper’s Coffee on your way to the SeaTac airport for your last taste of authentic Seattle coffee before you leave!

Location 2 – Still very close to the SeaTac Airport

One of our established locations, this shop is in a charming residential neighborhood called McMicken Heights, right next to a Safeway. Enjoy outdoor seating on our porch, surrounded by seasonal flowers and potted plants (our owner has a bit of a green thumb!). We’re blessed see many regulars stop by this neighborhood shop, so you’ll probably see a lot of friendly Hellos and vibrant conversations.


Jasper's Seatac Coffee House Drive-Thru

Our Seatac coffee house is located on Military Road next to highway 99 and is a convenient ride or walk from the SeaTac Airport.

For over twenty-five years, Jasper’s has been dedicated to providing Sea-tac with the best Seatac coffee shop around that operates ethically, and with dignity. Our reputation within the Seatac community is equally important to us as the quality of our Seatac coffee. Our employees live here, work here and shop in this community because we strive to love and support our neighbors. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and strike up a conversation with our charming baristas and enjoy the best espresso Seatac has to offer.

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