About Our Coffee

Jasper's Classic CoffeeJasper’s has been using the same coffee bean since we opened our doors in 1991.  We have tried a few other blends and single origins over the years but always return to our original choice, based on popular demand. San Fransisco Bay Columbian Supremo is a delicious single origin bean made with 100% Columbian Coffee.

Why choose Columbian? Columbian coffee is one of the finest and most popular beans in the world. It is a full -bodied coffee that is naturally mild and slightly sweet. Roasted to a "full city", the beans are carefully brought to their full flavor point. You can rest assured that our coffee is always 100% Arabica because that is all Columbia produces.

Why a "single origin" instead of a "blend"? Coffee beans grown in different countries and geographical regions possess distinct flavor characteristics. Single origin coffee is made from the beans grown in one specific country. A blend  includes beans from several countries; often 3 to 5 different origins are represented. There are some very fine blends with complex and interesting flavor components. However, preference often comes down to personal taste. We have found that our customers prefer the round, simple, and full flavor of Columbian. It is the traditional "cup of joe" created with freshly ground beans and the espresso method of preparation. Put in the hands of a master Barista, it is quite simply delicious. This is why we call it Classic Coffee.

Why 100% Arabica? There are two main types of coffee plants–the Arabica and the Robusta. The Robusta is grown at lower elevations and is typically a lower grade coffee. Most coffees found in the supermarket are Robusta. It has a higher caffeine content than Arabica and less flavor. Arabica beans are grown at higher elevations and produce a high quality bean. Arabica beans produce a round taste which is both rich and delicate. It typically possesses good acidity and a sharp, pleasing taste that is neither too sour nor too sweet.

Who roasts our coffee? The Rogers Family Roasting Company has been roasting fine coffees since 1979. They are committed to roasting coffee that has been produced with environmental and socially responsible methods. Please visit their web site for more information and to purchase any of their fine coffees. 

 Jasper's Classic Coffee


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